Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog Post 2

    Did you Know

  This video is very informative. The information that we are learning today will not be of any use to us in the very near future. What we are learning and plan on teaching in our classrooms will not be any use to us when we actually go into a classroom. For example the video states that the top ten jobs in 2010 did not even exist in 2004. Technology is a big part of our society today and will be in the future.
     I especially like that we are preparing our students today for jobs that don't exist yet." We are using technology that haven't been invented." How cool is that somewhere there is someone who is creating the next miniature computer or the next smaller and better cell phone. Hopefully we can put all this technology together and create more jobs for our society. Jobs are hard to find either you are not qualified enough or you over qualified.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

     This video expresses that things change. Computers have taken over in business and hospitals. People rely on technology to most of the work. When enter a hospitals there are automatic doors that swing open. A hundred years ago you had to push the doors open and walk in. They blood pressure machine that you hit the button and it takes your blood pressure automatically. In business they have computers instead of  typewriters. They have e-mail instead of someone to bring you mail.
     In schools technology has been up graded as well. Teachers would write on the chalk boards, now they have what you call a smart board. You hook it up to the computer or laptop in the classroom and you present your lesson on the smart board. They have computer labs in school where the children can go and learn how use the computer correctly. They have search engines on the internet so there is really no need for dictionaries in the classroom.  The improvements in technology is worth learning.

The Importance of Creativity

     Creativity comes from a mind that cannot keep still. My mind wonders constantly and takes me to place of solace.  Lets not keep our children from creativity. Let them express themselves. You might have a writer, dancer or an actress. Let them explore what might what leads them to what they want to do in life. People sometimes use their minds to escape from the real world. They put it on paper or go to the dance studio to work it out. Many children can't be still because they have all these ideas going through their heads and they want to do something about them so they keep moving around.
      I read a lot of books. I saw all the money I was spending buying novels and reading them I decided I would try and write one myself. I took all that creativity that was bottle up in me and put it on paper. So far I have written six chapters of my very own novel. Creativity comes from the imagine that is in our heads and needs to be expressed. I chose  to put my thoughts and dreams in a book. Hopefully one day it will be a best seller and that will the beginning of a new career for me.

Cecelia Gault ( Young Student in Finland)

      The schools should find a way to add different subjects into the schedules such as as dance and acting. They have taken music, dance and home make out of the schools and that helped the students that were creative and wanted to be a dancer or cook. They learned to sew and make clothes. They have taken that out of schools and some students that need that hands on experience are not getting it. And they begin to lose interest in school. There must be something that our students can do. Its called give them a creative start and see what happens
     Schools need better technology in order for them to keep up. Many children like to read and with that, they now can earn points for reading the most and passing the AR test that go along with the book. At the end of the year they have a party and celebrate with the students that have read the most books for the year. Prizes are rewarded and the look on the students face when they get their invitation to the party is very rewarding. They are so proud. The look is priceless. Make sure the students have what they need in the classroom to be successful.

Vicki Davis : Harness Your students' Digital Smarts

        The teacher say it all about all students don't learn with paper and pencil. You should have other technology for a student to learn. the computers in your classroom is another learning tool that helps the students. Teach them how to use the internet properly and show them how to use the search engines to find things that they are looking for. There are several games that you can use on the internet to teach your
students how to do math, science and history.
      There are the internet sites that can teach you how to write a report or term paper. Helpful sites will lead you to different sites for the same thing you are looking for. Most teenagers like to go on line and chat with other students and you can show them a safe way to do that. Keep in touch with your teachers and some teachers are e-mailing their students their assignments. They have to reply back so the teacher knows that they did receive the e-mail. In this day and age technology rocks.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Priscilla Garror's Bio

 Hello my name is Priscilla H. Garror and I work in the Mobile County Public School system. I am a Retract Manager at Hankins Middle School in Theodore, Alabama. In my life time I have lived in Atmore, Alabama, Cedar Hills, Texas and Mobile,Alabama. I am a mother of two boys. I Have a 19 year old attending Grand Canyon University. My 12 year old is in the sixth grade at Pillians Middle School where so far he is having a great first two weeks. My major interest is becoming a romance novelist. I currently have six chapters already written. I choose the field of education because I love working with children and helping them achieve their goals.
     I love to read that has been a passion of mine since I was in middle school. I love to read Greek Mythology and romance novels by different authors. My favorite authors are Brenda Jackson, Francis Ray and Altonya Washington. Beautiful and talented authors who have achieved their ultimate goals. Discipline is what I do best. I can control a classroom with just my presence. The children love and respect me. They also know when I mean business. I love to cook and bake. I can cook anything and I find that baking relaxes me. I call it my me time. This is my short bio.

Randy Pausch Time Management

 In this video I learned that you have to have a plan. You should set you goals, prioritize them and then come up with a plan. Stop wasting time plan to do your assignments and don't put off what you have plan to do.Randy Pausch stated that "fail to plan is planning to fail." If you don't have a plan to get through life than you are going to fail. You must plan out your future and go by that plan. Do not deviate from your plan because you can get side tracked and mess up the plan.
     He also stated that you should "do the ugliest thing first." if it is something that you really don't want to do, do it first. Don't prolong the inevitable. Its has to be done so do it and get it over with. The more you sit and wait to do something the more you are not going to want to it. Then you can start on the things you enjoy doing. And time will go faster as you will be enjoying what you do. Stop wasting time and get to it is my motto.